find all the best gems in downtown dubai

Chances are, the glitz and glam pictures you’ve seen of Dubai have been taken in Downtown Dubai. Now, when you live here, it’s easy to just walk past and not take notice. So, in this post, I will be sharing with you some of the gems you need to look out for while walking through Downtown Dubai.

The Dubai Mall

ashleighrm dubai mall aquarium

I’ve written a separate article about things you can do INSIDE the Dubai Mall. Everything else outside the mall counts as Downtown Dubai. The Dubai mall is packed with things to do. You obviously have a plethora of stores that will require several days alone to see. But beyond the shopping, there are other things to see and do, like the aquarium, skating rink and the 4D cinemas. You can spend an entire day inside the mall, and you’ll be more than content with your visit.

The corner of love

This is the name I’ve coined for the big silver heart in Downtown Dubai and the “I love Dubai” sign. I used to wonder where these signs were when I saw them on Instagram. But now, I know, and so will you! If you find the Human Waterfall inside the mall, you need to find a security personnel to direct you to the exit that will lead you to the silver heart! The heart is actually a commissioned art piece by Richard Hudson, called LOVE ME.

Dubai Mall Fountain

It probably took several visits to the Dubai Mall before I decided I’d wait for the fountain show. I still don’t understand why it took me so long to go and watch. The hypnotic dance of the water as it jets out in sync with the music will have even the most well-travelled person standing in awe. It’s truly a site to see, and it’s no wonder the fountain sits right at the heat of Downtown Dubai.

Souk Al Bahar

Just across a small bridge from Dubai mall, you’ll find Souk Al Bahar. It’s a shopping destination with a souk, as well as restaurants. You can also see the fountain display from here. If you don’t have time to visit the souks in Old Dubai, then I’d recommend you cross over the bridge from Dubai Mall and head here.

Downtown Palace

ashleighrm downtown palace

Dubai is known for its top “instagrammable” places, and this one is top of the list. Downtown Palace is actually a luxury hotel in Downtown Dubai. I haven’t stayed there myself, I’ve only ever captured it from outside. However, this is one of the best views of the Burj Khalifa in town. The hotel itself is home to spectacular restaurants, and you can choose from some fine dining options here.

The Burj Park

ashleighrm burj park downtown dubai

Have you ever seen dandelions? They’re beautiful flowers which form this ball puff. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, these giant structures in the Burj Park will give you a gigantic version of the dandelion puff! The park is a great place to chill, if you have the time! Adjacent to the park is the Dubai Opera house. But of course, all shows must be booked in advance. You can find upcoming shows here.

The wings of Mexico

If it isn’t already apparent, Downtown Dubai is laden with art. The first time I found them was when I went on Instagram, scrolling through for ideas! Then I made it a mission to go and find them in person. The wings seem like a very ellusive spot, but they are in such an obvious place. If you’re in a taxi, ask them to drop you right there. If you’re walking, find the “entrance” to the Burj Park walkway. You will have ample time to snap your shots. But be careful if you have a professional camera. These are not usually allowed unless you have a filming permit. Tourists can get away with just letting security know they’re tourists. But that trick doesn’t always work.

Street art and art installations

ashleighrm in downtown dubai boulevard

There are always unique art installations along the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard. If you are just taking a walk, see if you can spot some of the permanent street art! Otherwise, be ready for the surprise installations along the road.

Do you have any other gems in Downtown Dubai that I missed? Let me know so I can check them out and add them to the blog.