get the most out of a day at dubai mall

Despite the time that has passed, I still remember the first time I visited the Dubai mall. I was dazed by all the beautiful products and clothes around me and felt totally overwhelmed by all the stores that lined the seemingly never-ending floors. I remember staring at the well-adorned mannequins, wondering how much I’d have to drop to look that good too! Trust me when I say, the Dubai mall is unlike any other mall you’ll visit, ever. And whilst it’s obvious that you go to a mall to shop, this is one where you can spend a fun-filled day, without doing any form of shopping. Yes, there’s that much to do.

In order to get the most out of the experience, make sure you have comfortable shoes on. You’ll be doing a lot of walking! I have been to the mall countless times, but I still get lost in the maze that is Dubai Mall. If you’re visiting the mall, this guide will help you get the full Dubai Mall experience. Just to be clear, this guide only covers spots INSIDE the mall itself. The other great spots outside and around the mall will be covered in the Downtown Dubai guide. And that’s all the fun things you can do at the mall, that aren’t shopping. All these things, coupled with the actual shopping, will ensure you have a fun-filled day at Dubai Mall.

The Human Waterfall

The mall itself is an architectural marvel. But what’s even more fascinating is what’s inside the mall. As you walk into the mall from the taxi drop-off, you’ll see this waterfall with what looks like humans taking a dive. It’s a worthy stop during your mall visit. Right next to the waterfall, is a restaurant. So if you want to grab a bite with the sound of the waterfall serenading you, you should definitely try this experience. I find the sound to be rather distracting, so beyond admiring the view of the waterfall, I prefer to opt for the quieter dining spots.

The Dubai Mall Aquarium

Ashleighrm inside Dubai Mall Aquarium

Have you ever been to an aquarium? Well even if you have, I bet you haven’t been to one inside a mall! The last thing you expect to see when you’re walking through the mall are sharks swimming around. But when you’re in Dubai mall, expect the unexpected! There is a free view that everyone can see, but should you wish to get inside the aquarium, there is a separate fee. You can book a ticket here. This picture is inside the tunnel leading to the rest of the aquarium.You have to pay to get into the tunnel.

It’s always better to book tickets online, because you get discounts and you avoid queues. And in these times, you want to prevent unnecessary human contact. I quite enjoyed walking through the zoo, and I was pretty hyped to discover there was a boat ride through the aquarium. However, when I got to the boat ride, it was a small, and very slow loop over the aquarium. I didn’t enjoy it if I’m being brutally honest. But I think little kids might like it.

The Gold Souk

Souks are an integral part of Dubai, so you’ll come across many of them. You will find the Gold Souk a few minutes away from the aquarium. You can walk through it for free. I’ve walked through the souk several times, but I only discovered recently that there was a gem to be discovered in the souk. Right in the heart of the souk, you will find Dubai Dino. It’s a 155-million-year old dinosaur fossil. Apart from the sheer size of the fossil, I was surprised to learn that there isn’t a dinosaur fossil elsewhere with nearly all the bones and skull intact. So yes, one of the world’s best archaeological findings is inside a shopping mall! Seeing this exhibition is free, so you can ask the security staff to point you to where it is, and you can learn more about this dinosaur.

I’d imagine you will also like the gold and souvenirs to be found in the souk, but given all you’ll see at the mall, take your time before you spend your coins.

Skating rink

What time of the year is best to go ice skating? In Dubai mall, it’s all year round! You know, I’m now at a point where, when I discover something really unusual in Dubai, I just say “Of course we have this, it’s Dubai!”. If you want to book tickets to the skating rink, you can visit this website. I for one cannot skate, so I liked the fact that they offer lessons if you want to learn. My last experience skating ended with me on my back, spinning out of control. So I definitely need some more lessons!

Burj Khalifa

ashleighrm up the burj khalifa

The entrance to the Burj Khalifa can be found inside the mall, so I’ve added it here so you can optimise your time. I have a more comprehensive guide to visiting the Burj Khalifa here. You will find the details on buying tickets and spots to look out for here.

Watch a 4D movie

So you’ve heard of, or probably watched a 3D movie. But, have you had the 4D experience yet? A trip to the cinema can be as extravagant as you want it to be at Dubai Mall. To book your tickets, you can visit this website.

I’d love to know if you try any of these things! Let me know in the comment section below!