Visit mleiha – how to bundle adventure and archeology in one trip

In the emirate of Sharjah, lies the gem that is Mleiha. In this archeaological hub, we can learn a lot about the history of mankind. I’ll be honest in saying, it was the adventure that drew me here though! With massive dunes and beautiful rock outcrops, you will see why I was so excited when I finally arrived here. Want to know how to (and why you should) spend the day in Mleiha? Read on. Do note, you have to make a reservation before driving out.

The Mleiha museum

If you’ve never been a fan of museums, I have good news for you. This is more of an exhibition than a museum, and it is quite interactive. The Mleiha Archaeological Centre exhibition is also your first point of call on arrival. It took me on a journey through time, and how man has evolved. If you want to make a booking or get more details on pricing, you can visit their website for up-to-date information.

Valley of the cave

If you’ve ever read or watched a movie about cave men, you will know that a lot happened in caves. They slept in there, made paintings and prepared their meals. So it was no surprise for me to see that the caves are closed off, and a lot of excavation was done around the area. Fortunately, for all the protected areas, they have built walkways that allow you to get up close without disturbing the area. I particularly appreciated the knowledge my guide had of the area. I remember asking him why the mountains around the cave looked like they were covered in some sort of sediment. He proceeded to tell me how the area used to be under the sea, and they knew this because of the fossils they found, which is what we explored next.

The fossils in Mleiha

Let me tell you, when you think of finding fossils, it sounds like a lengthy exercise. But not in Mleiha. They are everywhere! I must warn you though, if it wasn’t obvious already, you need to wear comfortable, secure shoes. Fortunately, I had researched this beforehand (as you should), so I was prepared. You’ll walk around a lot, and when you are hunting for fossils, your feet are the last thing you want to worry about. There are numerous places to find fossils. Want to know where exactly? Go to Mleiha and your guide will show you!

Self-drive a buggy

This is a brand new experience in Mleiha and yours truly was one of the first to try this! Of course, you need to have good driving skills to give this activity a go. But, if you could drive yourself to Mleiha, you will be just fine. Now, a buggy is basically a little 4×4 vehicle. The instructor showed me how to enable the 4×4 feature, because I had never driven a buggy before. He explained the signals to me and then I drove behind him as we headed to the sand dunes. I was really nervous at first, but once I got my foot down on that pedal, I forgot all about my fears and let the adrenaline take over! I raced up those dunes, and braced myself each time I went down. The wind blowing in my face made me feel like I was going a lot faster than I probably was. I didn’t bother to check the gauge, I was having too much fun! But at all times, I was behind my instructor and stuck to the route.

Dune bashing with a pro

At some point, you have to let the pros show you how it’s done. And, would a trip to the desert be complete without a bit of dune bashing? Absolutely not. I went with the Land Cruisers for a drive over the dunes. Of course, I was holding on to the handle the whole time and screaming all the way! I loved the dune bashing. It scares me, and yet I know I will definitely do it again! You will love the Mleiha dunes, because there are beautiful rock outcrops to admire. Look out for the one shaped like a camel, and another with so many visible fossils, they’ve called it Fossil Rock!

Sunset Barbecue

You can imagine that such an eventful day will work up an appetite. Fortunately, there is a sunset barbecue that will ensure you get your day’s fill. While they prepare the food, you can try your hand at archery. I totally sucked, but it was fun to try anyway! Then, you can choose from the warm beverages, and by this time, you want to keep your eyes towards the sky, as it will be getting dark. Around me, the fire torches were dancing in the wind, and I couldn’t have asked for a better ambience and setting to end my day. The food was a spread of meats, hummus, bread, rice, potatoes, curry, and an assortment of vegetables and salad. I had so much food, that standing up to make my way back to the car was arguably the most challenging thing I had to do that day!

How do I book, I hear you say? Well it’s easy. Head over to their website to make your reservations. An epic adventure awaits.