bluewaters island – why you need to visit

There are some places in Dubai that just look good in pictures, and when you take a step back, you say to yourself, what can I do there though? I used to feel that way about Bluewaters Island when I first got here. It looked pretty in pictures, but I never felt an overwhelming desire to go there. But I decided to go check it out, and I can’t believe I never explored this place earlier! So, please don’t be like me. Make sure you make this island a priority when exploring Dubai from the get go! Below are my recommendations of what you can do here. As with all my posts, each new gem I discover will be updated on the post! You can visit this place by taking a taxi straight here. However, I would recommend you couple this with a visit to Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), as the two are connected by a footbridge.

Get the party started at Cove Beach Club

Listen to me when I tell you that this beach club is a vibe! I loved the afrobeats music and it took a lot to get me to pack up and go home! It’s located at Caesar’s Palace, and when I saw how luxurious the place was, I knew that I could expect nothing but the best. It costs AED200 to get in, and this includes a sun bed. You can also book the cabannas, but expect to pay more. You can call in to confirm the price because I did not use this option. The money is fully redeemable on food and drinks. During the weekend, however, you can only redeem AED100. It is always best to book in advance, especially on a weekend, because it gets packed! I had sushi which was quite nice, and two Thai me down cocktails. As with all beach clubs, the food and drinks were pricey. It’s a great way to spend a Friday, or any other day that you’re free for that matter! You can visit their website for up-to-date information regarding pricing and Covid regulations. To see more of my experience here, check out my Instagram highlights.

Blue team or Red team? Pick a side at Hell’s Kitchen

I don’t eat out much, and when I do, it should be an experience. And Hell’s Kitchen ensures that your visit is just that. This is one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants, and the first Hell’s Kitchen was opened in Las Vegas, before finding a home at Caesar’s palace here in Dubai. I also used to watch the show a lot, so I was very excited to try the signature dishes. I had the seared Scallops, the signature Beef Wellington, and the strawberry Eton Mess. They also have a great brunch on Fridays. I haven’t tried it because I work on Fridays, but if the lunch I had is anything to go by, then the food in the brunch is also worth a try!

Take a stroll around

Ashleigh sitting at Bluewaters island having ice cream

There are a few boutiques at Bluewaters Island worth looking at. They have some unique (and pricey) dresses. I wouldn’t go solely to shop though, because your visit would be over very quickly! There’s a nice little ice cream shop called Jelly Belly Ice Cream that you can check out. Their ice cream is inexpensive, so you can take a quick pit stop here if you don’t want to spend too much money at the other restaurants. If you visit at night, you can get to see the “Singapore trees” light up, like in the cover photo of this blog post.

Behold, Ain Dubai

At the time of writing, they were still installing the rider capsules on the eye. So check out my post for updates on whether it is open or not. When it’s complete, you’ll want to add getting on the world’s biggest ferris wheel to your list!

Heading to the beach club or coming out to eat here will be the an ideal way to make the most of your afternoon or evening here. But if you do just want to stroll at Bluewaters Island, be sure to couple it with a visit to Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR).