street art at JBR – My pick of the instagram-worthy spots

Jumeriah Beach Residence, commonly known as JBR, is a waterfront community that houses apartment buildings, and one of Dubai’s vibrant (and free) beaches! When you are making your way up the residence apartments from The Walk, there are staircases at each block, that are adorned by beautiful street art. Finding it can a bit of a mission though! But don’t fret, I went out on my scooter to see if I could find all the cool street art spots, and share them with you. If you’re only interested in the instagram-worthy ones, then keep scrolling. Being a residential area, the apartments at JBR are split into blocks. So you can ask security for the block name if you’re walking around.

1. The Giraffes

giraffe street art at JBR

You can find the giraffes tucked away in the shade of the Shadaf block. On the opposite side of the staircase, you will see the art work below. You choose!

giraffe at JBR

2. The Persian Street Art at JBR

persian street art at JBR

This Persian art is very easy to miss. It’s just after the Shadaf block, but then you have to turn right to see it. The area is pretty dark as well because of the shadow of the building. But it’s definitely worth walking around to find.

3. The Ragdolls

ragdoll  art

Maybe these would be a hit with the kids, but I thought they were pretty cool addition to the street art at JBR. Apparently, the doll above is American, and one below, Arab. Either way, they’re both really cute!

ragdoll art

4. The girl on a swing

girl on swing

If you find King Crab, you’ll find this piece. But it’s a bit high off the ground so not sure if it will look good as an instagram picture. But the hunt for the art is fun enough to make finding this one worth it.

5. The sea of horses

My personal favourite of all the street art at JBR! You will find this one on a block called Rimal.

6. The submarine

This is also on the Rimal block. Notice the water gushing out of the submarine down the staircase!

JBR is close to the Dubai Marina, so if you want to do that as well in a day, read the details of what you can do there, here. If you want to find them all, check out this cool guide I found, here. Which of the street art pieces got your attention?